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Horizon and Otome Games

I wonder why people don't like this show?

I was confused at first and I realized that for the first few eps they were telling the same event from different view points and I get why that annoyed people but other than that it is really good. I kinda want to read the "light novels" so I can understand it more. (Quotation marks around the words light novel because those novels are anything but light.)

So anyway, I'm trying to get together a list of otome games and visual novels that I want to play over the break and into next year once I finish Fate/Stay Night. I really want to play Hatoful Boyfriend, starry sky, Monochrome Heaven, Brass Restoration Katawa Shoujo, Narcissu, True Remembrance and Uta no Prince-Sama. (Yes it is a lot, I know.)

I know I got some recs on tumblr for some otome games but do any of you guys have any?