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[Fan Fiction] You Can't Hide Forever 3/?

Title: You Can't Hide Forever Part 3
Author:[personal profile] setosnicegirl
Character(s) or Pairing(s): All Nations
Rating: PG-13 for now
Warnings: None for now
Summary: A work in progress of this fill on the kink meme. What if the normal population of the world found out about the identities of the nations? What would happen? Chaos? Unity? And better yet....who told?

Click here to see all previous parts.
On the Border of Sweden and Finland


"Fetch Hanatamago!" cried Peter happily as he threw the branch a few meters away and the small white dog bounded after it.


Berwald and Tino sat on the stairs of their log cabin getaway watching Peter play with Hanatamago out in the melting snow. They had left their regular house to spend the early parts of spring here and watch as the land grows green again.


Tino put his head on Berwald's shoulder. "This is nice isn't it?" he said.


"Hmm. It is," replied Berwald quietly.


"I'm so glad we came up here to escape for a while. And Peter likes it, too. Nothing can run this moment for us. Nothing," said Tino as he closed his eyes...


Click Click


Tino snapped his eye open. 'What was that?' he thought. He lifted his head from Berwald's shoulder.


"Did you 'ear that?" said Berwald quietly as his hard eye scanned the area.


"It sounded like a camera," said Tino as he looked around as well. He saw nothing but Peter rolling in the melting snow with Hanatamago near the woods.


"Maybe we are just hearing things..." he finally said before relaxing. "After all no one should be around here for miles."


"Yeah, if you say so, my wife," said Berwald as he put an arm around Tino.


"Don't call me that!" cried Tino.


Click Click


"There it is again!" cried Tino as he jumped up and out of Berwalds arms. Berwald stood also.


"Maybe we should call Peter back and look around, Su-san?" asked Tino as he walked down the stairs.


"Yeah." said Berwald.


Tino turned around to called Peter back, when he saw that Peter and Hanatamago had disappeared.


"Peter? Hanatamago? Here boy!" called Tino. "Peter?! Hanatamago?!" he yelled a little louder.


He was answered with a loud cry and Peter running out of the wood with Hanatamgo in his arms. He was being chased by five people with cameras and microphones.


"AHH! Stay away! Mommy! Daddy! Help!" he cried as he ran back to Tino and Berwald.


"Please slow down Sealand! We just want to ask you, Finland, and Sweden some questions!" said one of the reporters.


Tino and Berwald froze. "Did those people just call us by our country name?" said Tino quietly.


Berwald's face became twisted into a death glare. "Get in the house, Tino and prepare to barricade everything," said Berwald in a slow and even tone.


Suddenly a reporter with a camera popped up from the bushes right next to the stairs holding a camera.


"Please don't go yet Finland and Sweden!" said the reporter. " Sweden, please tell us why you call Finland your wife? Why did Sealand call you Mommy and Daddy? Why-Argh!"


The reporter was cut off with a cry of "ROCKET PUNCH!!" from Peter, who punched him in the face, and then jumped into Tino's arms.


"Let's get inside, now!" cried Tino as the reported neared them. Berwald grabbed Tino by the arm and dragged him inside and firmly shut and locked the door.


Tino cradled Peter in his arms as he said, "Those people knew what we were, Su-san...What do we do?"


Berwald stared at the door that was being pounded on by the reporters. "We call around. And find out who told.."


Back in America


Alfred curled up in his bed trying to ignore the ringing of his house and cell phones and the crowd outside. The press was calling his home phone while the other countries were calling him and blaming him for the leak.


“DAMN IT!! I WAS ASLEEP THIS WHOLE TIME!! WHY DOESN’T ANYONE BELIEVE ME!!” he cried as he pulled his pillow over his ears. But the sounds didn’t stop.


“Screw this shit,” said Alfred as he pulled out his IPod , stuffed the ear phones in, and turned it to loud heavy metal as he sat on his bed with an annoyed pout on his face.


‘When I find out who told, I might just have to take a page out of Ivan’s books...’


In Sicily


A tomato smashed itself on the wall near a lowly mafia member’s head. He flinched when part of it hit his face.


“How dare you question your leader, you son of a bitch!” said Romano angrily as he grabbed another tomato. He felt bad for using them but he didn’t want to waste bullets on this lowly bastard. Antonio stood behind him with a nervous smile on.


“Maybe you should calm down,” suggested Antonio but he was ignored.


“B-But sir! You must understand! We just wanted to know why this secret was kept from us!” cried another member.


A tomato hit him hard in the face and sent him flying backwards.


The don cleared his throat and Romano let go of the other tomato he was going to chuck.


“It was a ‘need to know’ basis. All you needed to know that he was the overall head of this family, he and his younger twin, and they will always be the heads of this family. Since this secret is out, we must keep our activities low until this blows over. He cannot be known as Romano Vargas: Head of the Italian mafia but as Romano Vargas: South Italy and older brother to North Italy. Understand?” said the old man.


The room full of members replied, “Yes sir!”


Romano calmed down a little. “My last orders to you all are to A) Make sure my brother and that Potato Bastard are both okay and protect them. And B) FIND OUT WHO THE HELL DID THIS AND BRING THEM TO ME!!”




Francis sat on his couch in his penthouse, sipping a rich red wine. His people had taken it surprisingly well and were not freaking out like the rest of the world was. Yet.


Francis took a long sip before asking no one, “But, how long will this last?”


Bern, Switzerland


Vash shot at the ground at the feet of the nearest reporter.


“I said, LEAVE ME AND MY SISTER ALONE BEFORE I START SHOOTING TO KILL!!” yelled Vash from the front door of his home. Liechtenstein had ran from her house to his while being harassed by reporters..


“We just want to-,” started another reporter.




She was cut off by the bullet grazing her cheek and hitting the news truck behind her. It was so close that some of her hair was cut off.


“The next one is in your head,” said Vash slowly, “Now leave.”


The reporter didn’t need to be told twice.


Somewhere in the woods of Denmark


Denmark was carefully sharpening his axe while wearing a mad smile on. He had barely escaped the slew of reporters who attacked him at his favorite fishing place. He knew that Russia was probably already on the move to find this bastard...but he wanted first lick at him.


After all, it was his day off and no one disturbs Denmark on his day off.

Tags: axis powers hetalia, fan fic, you can't hide forever

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